Thursday, 7 April 2016

Placement visit to Canon Europe

It was very good to see how well one of our Royal Holloway Management students, Slav Stateva, was getting on at Canon Europe during a recent placement visit. Slav is currently spending the 3rd year of her 4 year degree as a European Product Planning placement student with Canon Europe.

Slav had already been back to visit Royal Holloway at one of our call back afternoons but this visit provided the opportunity to meet Slav at her office and to talk with her and her manager about how she was getting on. Slav discussed how she had been involved in a number of different projects involving product launches which had involved close cooperation with the Marketing department. She also described a number of  reports she had been responsible for to help manufacturer planning and to provide insight to Senior management. It was pleasing to hear how Slav's work was making a difference and that she had enjoyed working in multifunctional teams and learning how to communicate with people from different cultures.

This was a very insightful visit and I very much appreciated Slav's manager for making it possible. We are pleased that Canon UK has also offered one of our 2nd year students a placement position for 2016/17.

Canon Europe Head Office - Stockley Park

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Work Experience

Finding work experience can really help your chances of securing a placement position as part of your Year in Business programme at Royal Holloway. Employers look very positively on work experience on the CV and such work can also help provide examples of skills to reference during future interviews. Work experience can also give you an indication of whether your chosen sector is the right one for you.

Work experience can include the following:

> Work Shadowing
> Summer Internships
> Volunteering
> Part time job on campus or with a local employer
> Holiday jobs

Did you know?
1. At Royal Holloway, we recognise the value of summer internships so much that you are able to claim 40 passport points for undertaking one.

2. Over 1,200 students are employed on campus, working in a range of settings. You can join them by checking the relevant section of the Careers and Employability website :

3. An increasing number of employers now also have work experience places for first year undergraduates – over a quarter of organisations offer paid internships and two-fifths of employers run introductory courses, open days and other taster experiences for first year students (source: High Fliers research 2016).

There are a number of other places you can go to find out more information about Work experience:

If you are looking to make an application for work experience you can book a Quick Query through the Careers Service to discuss your CV/ application form.