Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Official opening of the Placements Place & Call Back afternoon news

The School of Management foyer was buzzing at lunchtime on Monday 29th January as we welcomed Royal Holloway's Bob O’Keefe (Dean of Management, Economics and Law Faculty) and Gloria Agyemang (Head of School of Management) to cut the ribbon to officially open the Placements Place.

The Placements Place, office 10 of the Moore building, has been recently refurbished to provide a welcoming area for students seeking placements to come for advice: do come and relax on our sofa, check out our video screen and placement board and chat to the Placement officers. It is also a place to celebrate the success of previous YIBs who have already secured placement positons and in many cases found Graduate jobs on the back of their successful placements. Our large Tube track poster, “Where will your placement take you?” provides an inspiring list of company names, both large and small, where our Management students have been on placement.

On that note we were delighted to welcome our current cohort of YIBs who were in College for their Call Back afternoon. These students connected with each other over the buffet lunch and many spoke to members of staff and encouraged younger year YIBs to remain persistent in their placement hunt. Following short speeches by Katharine Radford (Year in Business Programme Officer); Alvaro Ferreira (current placement student at Ascot Wealth Management) and Bob O’Keefe (Faculty Dean) the ribbon was cut!

During the Call Back Afternoon the YIB students talked at length about their Academic Assessment.
> One workshop with the YIB Careers’ Advisors gave each student the opportunity to talk through one of their STAR examples and get instant feedback on their specific example for their Personal Development Portfolio.
    > A second reflective workshop on their Case study saw Justin O’ Brien, one of the YIB Academic Advisors giving tips to the students and drawing in the learnings from returning YIB, Kwok Lam, back in his Final year having completed his placement at DHL in 2016/17.
   > All students were encouraged to interact regularly with their YIB Advisor as they work towards the October 15th deadline for their Assessment.

In addition to learning about the Academic Assessment, the students found out about forthcoming placement visits (all students get a visit to their workplace between 5 – 9 months into their placement) and about the opportunity to gain passport points by writing blog articles and by signing up to be a Peer Guide and mentor 1st year YIB students from September https://www.royalholloway.ac.uk/students/campus-life/student-roles/student-roles.aspx

Unfortunately Year in Business students cannot gain passport points from the placement itself as it is a mandatory part of the degree but can get points from other internships, from doing Passport Challenges and a range of other activities outlined on the website: https://www.royalholloway.ac.uk/students/jobs-careers/employability/passport-award/passport-award.aspx

We concluded the evening with a trip to go bowling and witnessed some very impressive performances all round.

Thank you to all YIB students for taking time out of their placements to attend the Call Back afternoon – it was good to hear how your placements have been going!


Monday, 5 February 2018

Talented Year in Business students available for placements

At Royal Holloway School of Management we are actively seeking local companies who are interested in taking a placement student for a period of 9 – 12 months starting anytime between June – September 2018. We have a number of high calibre Management students seeking paid placements as part of their University degree. If you think you could benefit from our talented, insightful Management students please do get in touch with Year in Business Programme Officer, Katharine Radford, via email (Katharine.radford@rhul.ac.uk) or Linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/katharine-radford-6ab08810b/

Our students study either BSc Business and Management or BSc Accounting and Finance or follow one of the following pathways: Management with Marketing, Management with Accounting, Management with HR, Management with International Business or Management with Digital Innovation.
The Complete University Guide (CUG) placed Royal Holloway 4th for its Marketing course (2016) and all students on the Year in Business programme are heading for a minimum of 2:1. The students I work with spend their 3rd year completing a paid placement and then return for their final year at University.

If you are interested we would like to invite you to our forthcoming Year in Business Speed Recruitment event on the evening of Monday March 5th ( 6 – 8pm) targeted at 2nd year Management students who are seeking placement positons. This is a relaxed and informal evening where small groups of students are given a chance to move round the room and talk briefly to each company present about their placement positions. After the event we plan to serve pizza and allow further mixing of students and companies. Companies can bring their own Marketing material such as posters, leaflets, pull up banners and we provide a table. There is no charge for attending. The blog article from last year’s event gives a flavour of the evening and previous testimonials from Managers of our Year in Business students are very positive: http://yearinbusiness.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/year-in-business-speed-recruiting-event.html

Frequently asked questions about our programme are answered on our website: https://www.royalholloway.ac.uk/management/yearinbusiness/home.aspx

Our students are very highly rated by the Companies they join. Some of the quotes from previous Managers include:

> Bill Dale, Executive Director and Head of EMEA Product Management Nomura said of our Royal Holloway Management student "It has been a pleasure to work with this student; his attitude and application have been really first class throughout. Over his time with my team his qualities have been very valuable to our business".

> One of our BSc Management students with Marketing completed a 12 month Digital Marketing placement at The Walt Disney Co.  Celine Bannino, Head of Digital Marketing Experiences EMEA said “we simply have never had an intern of this quality before: he is so curious and knowledge hungry that he has very quickly made himself indispensable for us”.
>Atsushi Lizuka, Director of Canon European Product Planning said of our BSc Business and Management student “ She is one of the best students I have hired in my team. She is very motivated, friendly, organised and has a high level of computer skills. She understands things so quickly. She works as if she is a permanent employee”

> Sue Knowles, Director of Admin & Marketing at Costco said of our BSc Management student with Human Resources “She was an outstanding asset to the team and company while attending her 12 month placement”

>Jane Ryder, European Marketing Director at Valspar said of our BSc Management with Marketing student “She has been the best intern so far in Marketing. She is enthusiastic, personable, confident and very capable. She has been quick to learn and completes projects to a very high standard for someone of her age and experience”

SMEs such as Winser London, Lucidity London, Ascot Wealth Management, Lemonade Reward, Diversity Jobs, Chrystal Capita,Vines & Terroirs , designcodes have also benefitted from Royal Holloway Management students. Guy Steele Perkins, Managing Director of Lucidity London, when asked if he would offer a permanent job to his placement student said “Definitely. Without hesitation. She’s a pleasure to work with, thoroughly diligent, is mature beyond her years, communicates clearly and effectively, remains calm under pressure and project manages apparently effortlessly”